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Human Spice Latte

Samuel L. Jackson Emoji

After yesterday’s comic I became very curious as to what Samuel L. Jackson emoji might actually look like. A cursory Google search turned up nothing, so I decided to make my own.



APE 2014 Postmortem 

There’s nothing quite like the Alternative Press Expo. Despite receiving almost no attention or promotion from its parent company, Comic-Con International (yes, “that” Comic-Con) it is still San Francisco’s best showcase for independent comic creators.

This was my third year exhibiting, and while the new venue took some getting used to, the show was as good as its ever been. I shared a table with the talented and charming James Lantz, met the amazing C. M. Butzer and Megan Lynn Kott and even got to kick it with Mel from Cake & Comix, my table-mate from last year.

Every time I visit San Francisco it seems like there are fewer artists and 24 hour donut shops and more and more Office Space dot com guys and overpriced boutique artisanal toast shops. But the city still smells like urine and weed and that’s something not even Mark Zuckerberg and his $10 million Mission District house can change.

Anyway, I have a handful of 8.5x11” prints leftover that I’m going to be putting up in my online shop, so keep an eye out for those. 

Wear Your Glasses

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