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APE 2013

This year’s APE was a success. My trip to San Francisco was a blur of bus rides, black coffee, bourbon, beer, butts, comics, good friends, new friends, comics, donuts, comics, and more comics.

My neighbors were Brad & Diane of Billy the Pyro, and Mel from Cake & Comix. All amazing people doing amazing work. There was a woman in pink bondage gear who showed me her tits and a man (pictured above) who I can only describe as a greying Ultimate Warrior.

This is what you miss out on when you don’t attend APE.

Thank you to everyone who came to my booth, everyone who purchased comics or prints, all my friends who made the trip to come support me, the woman wearing the dress with the stars and galaxies on it, and YOU, dear reader.

See you next year!

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